On its own, a single block can’t do much. 

But if you take 5 more...

Those 6 blocks together can create 915,103,765 unique combinations

Knowledge works the same way

On its own, a course is just another tool that helps solve a problem.

But when you combine it with other courses....

the possibilities are infinite


terrain 2.0

bite-size, stackable courses designed to help you learn what you want, when you want it

Our courses are shorter, more actionable, easy to implement, and designed to be stacked together to help you solve real problems in your business. (Scroll to the bottom to see our course list!)

And because they’re included in your membership you don’t have to worry about budget. 

Our new membership brings you guilt-free learning, so you don't have to second-guess yourself.

You can't put a price on knowledge, and with Terrain you'll never have to. 

Courses with Substance.

Not fluff.

Unlike other course platforms, we’re acutely aware of how poor the online course-taking experience is, especially if you aren’t neurotypical.

All courses on Terrain are reviewed by a panel of business owners, including members of the neurodivergent community, to make sure they are:

high quality


accessible for everyone

Find the right 'wrong' way

If you've been in business a hot minute, someone's probably told you that you 'need to' do something. Like have a webinar. Or create a course. Or create a website. 

And that's exactly how the internet, once the bastion of creativity, turned into the Sea of Sameness. 

It's time to shake things up. Terrain is about equipping you with skills, knowledge and tools, so you can take calculated risks in your business to build something you actually want, not what some celebrity entrepreneur tells you you need. 


Learn what you need, exactly when you need it

Terrain’s membership plans are designed to meet you where you’re at AND teach you the skills you need to get to the next level.


Each course in this tier is worth $50


What's included:
Unlimited Starter courses*
LinkedIn integrated certificates
Access to The Sandbox


Each course in this tier is worth $150 


What's included:
Everything in Starter*
Unlimited Intermediate courses*


Every course we ever create for less than the cost of one Pro year


What's included:
Everything in Starter*
Everything in Intermediate*
Everything in Pro*
Lifetime Member NFT
Exclusive Terrain Merch


Each course in this tier is worth $250  


What's included:
Everything in Starter*
Everything in Intermedite*
Unlimited Pro courses*

*Courses available under the lifetime membership or any other Terrain membership plan do not include access to our on-demand courses. These can be purchased separately at any time, regardless of which membership tier you’re on.

If you purchase the Lifetime Plan for $599 today, you’ll get unlimited access to ALL Terrain courses for life* 

If we're talking ROI, that’s:

   $50 x all starter courses

+ $150 x all intermediate courses

+ $250 x All Pro courses

= Very. Big. Number

The courses you can grab just today, are worth at least $1,400 each. And we've invested $1,980 to produce each one. So that's a total just over $27,000. 

You also get...

  • Every new course added to the platform in the future (we’re aiming for a total of 150 in 2022 alone!)
  • The Sandbox, an exclusive Terrain member community where you can connect with (and learn from) other entrepreneurs who “get it”
  • All features we add to the platform in the future (crypto coming soon)


and instant access to these 14 courses...

Don’t let your budget get in the way of your curiosity 

You can’t put a price on knowledge — and if you get Terrain’s Lifetime Membership Plan today, you’ll never have to again.

As a Terrain Lifetime Member, you can finally take the guilt and guesswork out of online learning. You’ll never have to second-guess yourself or worry about the ROI of every individual course… because if you’re curious, it’s yours to take. 


Scratch the itch to innovate

Curiosity and innovation lie at the heart of Terrain.

With our courses at your fingertips, you can learn, innovate and experiment continuously, breaking new barriers and leveraging your business as a path towards a fulfilling life

Solve your sticky problems

Facing a new challenge? Stuck in a situation you’ve never been in before?

Need to learn a quick skill to get yourself out of a hot mess?

Terrain’s got your back. Just dip in, learn what you need, and poof, just like that, you’re moving again

Gain the confidence to play bigger

Terrain is designed to give you security and confidence to take big swings.

As you complete courses and learn new skills, you’ll gain the confidence to take risks and try new things because you have the toolkit for it (and a support network to fall back on anytime you get stuck)

....and the best part? 

Your Terrain membership comes with friends

When you sign up for a paid membership on Terrain,
you get access to...

The Sandbox

A community of practice for Terrain members to experiment, learn, and share their successes and failures

This isn’t your humdrum Facebook community with monthly Zoom calls for socially awkward entrepreneurs

The Sandbox is your opportunity to look at the world sideways, improvise, and push yourself to find delight in solving problems for your business and beyond. 

Like every sandbox in a children’s playground, this is your safe space to experiment, innovate and try new things, all while connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs on journeys of their own.

Virtual coworking, co-learning spaces

We had metaverse plans long before Facebook tried to co-opt the movement. As part of your Terrain membership, you get access to the Library. A virtual space to connect with other entrepreneurs, access resources, hang out in and even host events.

Learn together and keep each other accountable

Need help sticking to your goals? Join an accountability pod. Our team will match you with other business owners with similar experience levels to help you stay motivated (especially on days you hate your business and want to burn it to the ground)

Become a lifetime member now

Get maximum results with minimum distractions

Every feature on Terrain was designed with your learning experience at the centre. Complete your courses, apply your skills and gain the courage and confidence to take your business to the next level.

Practical, hands-on learning

Every course includes transcripts, checklists, worksheets, and templates to help you transform what you’re learning into real business momentum. 

Focus-friendly learning interface

Our learning interface is designed to minimize distractions and keep you focused on the task at hand. Keep your hands and brain engaged with our on-screen Note-taker and Action Plan builder.


Every completed course is an added feather on your biz owner’s cap. And it deserves to be recognised as such. Show off your skills with badges and LinkedIn-integrated certificates upon every successful completion. We also give out Peak Points every time you take an action that takes you one step closer to completing your course.* 

*Peak Points are completion points that can be redeemed in crypto (coming soon!) or used as credit to purchase our on-demand courses and other products.


Whether we like it or not the internet is evolving: cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the metaverse.

But like any new technology, it's all about how you use it. 


Get paid to be part of Terrain

Our plans for Terrain are too big for just our little team. For Terrain to truly be the learning ecosytem we want it to be, it needs to belong to all of us. 

In 2022, we're aiming to roll out a fractional revenue model that lets you earn Peak Points for completing courses, helping people out in the community, and helping spread the word about what we do. And every month, we'll take a percentage of our revenue and pay out a chunk based on how many points you've earned.

It's as simple as this: If you create value in our community, you deserve to be compensated for it. 

And starting next year, you can choose to get that compensation in crypto (or USD if that's more your jam) 

Earn Community NFTs

When you sign up to become a lifetime member today, you'll earn a Terrain Lifetime Member NFT. This is proof that you're a lifetime member.

And just like other NFTs, if you decide that Terrain isn't right for you, you can sell it and transfer your membership to the buyer. 

As of right now, that's worth $599. But if we open up a lifetime member deal in Feb for say $999, that NFT becomes worth $999.


And if you know nothing about crypto and NFTs? 

Don't worry, we have specialists in the community to help you  get set up and make the most of what we're offering.


Why did we realunch as a membership? Because we didn’t want to be in the business of selling courses, we wanted to be in the business of creating value.


And we’re looking for people who are just as excited about what we’re building and want to co-create this ecosystem with us. 

By becoming a lifetime member at this stage, you're telling us you believe in what we’re trying to build and we want to recognize that by offering you the best darn deal we can.


The A’s to your Q’s

What is the lifetime plan in a nutshell?

With Terrain’s new 3-tier membership system, members will be billed monthly/yearly and gain exclusive access to the courses available under the tier they’re paying for.

BUT if you purchase our exclusive 24-hour lifetime membership offer at $599 today, you will get access to ALL paid membership courses currently available across all tiers  + ALL courses that we introduce in the future. Check out the full list of planned courses here --> 

You will also get access to Terrain’s exclusive member community, The Sandbox — the internet’s coolest hangout spot for entrepreneurs.

What’s in the pipeline for Terrain?

In short: A lot.

Over the next year, we're aiming to add 150 new courses to Terrain, build out the Sandbox, a community of practice set in. themetaverse, and allow you to earn just by learning on Terrain. 

With lifetime membership, you’ll get access to all of this for a one-time payment of $599.

Why should I choose Terrain over Udemy or Skillshare?

Most course platforms focus on offering you hundreds of thousands of courses to choose from.

At Terrain, we're about quality over quantity. 

Our goal isn’t to help you collect more courses on your virtual shelf. It’s teaching you practical skills to help your business not just grow, but grow exponentially.

At Terrain, we care about accuracy, actionability and accessibility. All courses on Terrain are reviewed by a panel of business owners including members of the neurodivergent community to make sure every course helps you build momentum in your business.

What does community access include?

When you sign up for a paid membership plan, you get access to The Sandbox — an exclusive community for Terrain members to learn from and connect with other freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Unlike other online communities, the Sandbox is designed to give entrepreneurs the sense of being in a shared physical space with other entrepreneurs and business owners. 

It’s a virtual co-working, co-learning environment that aims to break the barriers that wall us in, and allow organic communication, peer-to-peer learning and lateral collaboration.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • Tier-specific discussion forums and chat rooms where entrepreneurs can discuss courses, post questions and share course activities for feedback and peer review

  • Co-working spaces and live events that members can freely move in and out of

  • Assigned accountability pods to help you stay motivated towards your goals, draw inspiration from your peers and connect one-on-one with other entrepreneurs

  • Peer-to-peer feedback that’ll open you up to new ideas and avenues

  • An ever-growing library of actionable resources tailored to different experience levels
What am I going to do with all these courses?

Learning is kinda like working out, just for your brain. You might not always feel like doing it, but you probably should. Our job is to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible. 

Our goal is for you to add learning time to your calendar, and make it a slot you reserve to learn skills that compound the growth of your business. 

But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can use Terrain the way you’d use a library. You come by when you’re looking for a course you need, you learn the skill you need, you apply it, and just like that you’re moving again.

All these courses are yours, and you get to choose how you use it based on your needs, not your budget. 

The $599 lifetime membership offer ends at midnight today. And we can truthfully say that it will never be offered at this price again.